VIP Tour and Tasting

Hill of Grace Panorama

The VIP Tour and Tasting offers exclusive access to one of Henschke’s most famous vineyards, Hill of Grace, together with a tour of the historic working winery and a comprehensive tasting in their private cellar.

Wander in-between the rows of the Hill of Grace vineyard and stand in awe of the ancient, gnarled vines. Soak up the history of the Henschke family and their connection to the region as you walk through parts of the original winery built in the 1860s, feeling the pride they have in their past and their hopes for the future. Then, finally settle downstairs in the private tasting room to enjoy a range of Henschke premium wines, including of course Hill of Grace, Hill of Roses, Cyril Henschke and Mount Edelstone.

Available Thursday & Friday 10am & 2pm
Saturday & public holidays 10am 

For all details and pricing regarding these tours please contact or phone (08) 8564 8223

Minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 people
A 50% deposit is required on confirmation of the booking

Customer testimonial -"Emma,... The tour was terrific and the wine tasting, like your hosting, was outstanding. We enjoyed hearing the story of Henschke and walking through the hallowed ground of the winery...."