2014 Peggy's Hill

"Lime juice and citrus blossom, perhaps some spice, with orange-like notes on the finish. A delight."
Campbell Mattisnson. Winefront, 3 February 2015
Pale green-yellow in colour. Sweet, fragrant citrus and almond blossom florals with rose- petal, lavender and frangipani notes, with a hint of peach and green apple. Pure flavours of lime citrus, sherbet and peach with a silky texture that complements the intensity and crispness for excellent balance and length.

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2014 Peggy's Hill

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The 2014 vintage began with the winery coming alive to the fragrant aromas of fermentation. But what a year we’ve had! This year, the moon cycles put Easter quite late in the season, so the expectation of a late harvest prevailed...until South Australia experienced its record number of heat days over 40C in January, culminating in the worst bushfire in Eden Valley in living memory. This taste of hell ended in the wettest February in 44 years - all in 48 hours, when we received between 115 and 150mm of rain. Fortunately, Eden Valley and the Adelaide Hills were still in veraison, which allowed the quenching rain to rebalance the fruit, particularly in the older dry-grown vineyards. The yields appeared depressingly minuscule, due to a severe black frost in spring and cold windy weather during flowering in early December. Early picks of semillon and shiraz after the heat wave were in response to vine stress. The change to mild autumnal weather in late February after the rains allowed for a focus on other early vintage varieties, riesling in Eden Valley and pinot noir at Lenswood. Mild weather with cold dewy mornings and windy days prevailed. Disease pressure increased as March became colder and wetter, which seemed to change to a winter pattern after the solstice. It was indeed a late vintage and also resulted in one of our longest vintages. The picking of Eden Valley cabernet and Lenswood merlot brought the season to a close at the beginning of May, where skilled vineyard teams played a critical role by hand selecting and picking the best quality fruit during the onset of rain and cold wintery weather. In summary, a challenging season with good quality but very low yields.

In the Bottle

Vintage 2014
Grape Variety 100% riesling grown in Eden Valley.
Technical Details Harvest Date: 28 February-30 March | Alcohol: 12% | pH: 3.0 | Acidity: 7.4g/L
Maturation Fermented in tank and bottled post-vintage to preserve the delicate aromatic fruit characters.
Background The riesling takes its name from a local landmark, Peggy’s Hill, at the top of the range between Eden Valley and Keyneton. Produced from selected traditional Henschke Eden Valley growers, whose vines are up to 50 years old, growing in low-vigour ancient Cambrian soils at around 500m altitude. The Eden Valley riesling displays exceptional varietal and regional characteristics.
Cellaring Potential Excellent vintage, 15+ years (from vintage).

Vintage 2014. 3 February 2015, Campbell Mattinson, Winefront

Hard to go wrong, for quality and price, with this riesling from Henschke. Delicate riesling but that only aids the charm. Lime juice and citrus blossom, perhaps some spice, with orange-like notes on the finish. A delight.

Vintage 2013. 6 February 2014, Ray Jordan, West Australian, Perth

There is a distinctive pebbly mineral character in this wine which brings a compelling complexity into the mix. The palate is long and intense with a slaty finish. A trace of citrus and floral character adds further to an excellent wine with a strong regional signature.

Vintage 2013. 5 December 2013, West Australian

This comes from the Eden Valley. The aromas are distinctly riesling, with lemon- scented dominance of the floral citrus characters. So much Riesling character now but this will yield to more toasty characters with age. A wine that changes significantly with ageing.

Vintage 2013. 29 November 2013, Rick Allen, Manly Daily

Where to start? It's racy and zesty, like good young riesling should be. The bouquet is like freshly picked flowers - all very appealing - and takes you to a fine boned wine of lime and citrus, with talc and mineral complexity. It's tight and sinewy, but has vitality and energy.

Vintage 2013. 7 November 2013, www.winefront.com.au

….. Designed as an (relatively) early drinking representation of region, variety and season. It’s terribly difficult to describe this wine without using the word ‘delicious’. It’s so tangy and tasty and textural – and refreshing. You just want to hook straight in. Delicate lime and various florals and spice. Talc, too. Elegance plus. Tremendous drinking.

Vintage 2012. 1 February 2013, Mike Bennie, WBM

.....theres an inherent juiciness and come-hither drinkability expressed in its juicy profile with citrus pith and lemongrass zing in the mix; the wine excels for floaty floral aromas, lick of flirtiness and big refreshment factor.

Vintage 2012. 1 April 2013, Real Living Magazine

With a palate of sweet, juicy fruit, this white wine pairs beautifully with seafood dishes.

Vintage 2011. January 2012, Jetstar Magazine

This pale straw-coloured wine has subtle green hues, a lifted floral aroma of citrus blossom, lavender and musk with a palate of lemon curd and mandarin rind for a long, crisp zesty lime finish.

Vintage 2010. Septmeber 2011, Mike Frost, Courier Mail

There's floral and lime characters on the nose and palate of this Eden Valley white, with a mineral backbone and crisp acid finish. It's lovely by itself but would partner well with fresh seafood such as prawns or crab and should take a few years in bottle.

Vintage 2010. April 2011, Chris Shanahan

Pure, floral and citrus aromas and a zesty, dry palate, saturated with lemon and lime varietal flavours.

Vintage 2010. March 2011, West Australian

It was as near to perfect as a vintage can get in Eden Valley. A most delicate style with a pure fine acid and delightfully flavoursome fruit. There’s plenty of pineapple and zipply lime and lemon on the nose, while the palate is so delicate yet sustained to a very long finish. So drinkable. 92/100.

Vintage 2008. November 2008, West Australian

Despite the very hot conditions, this riesling has turned out mighty fine. Appealing, neat and crunchy with a lingering delicate palate.

Vintage 2007. November 2007, Canberra Times

It’s beautifully perfumed on the nose while the palate is clean and crisp with plenty of structure and zest from long-lingering acid.

Vintage 2006. December 2007, Winewise

The powerful floral-lime aromas translate to an impressive mouth filling palate which is very satisfying and well balanced by fresh acidity.

Vintage 2005. January 2007, Money Magazine

Delicate floral perfumes, alluring succlence leading to marvellous viscosity, minerally complexity and a lingering finish that is crisp and dry.

Vintage 2005. August 2007, James Halliday, Australian Wine Companion

Bright straw-green; a clean bouquet, then a palate with abundant citrus/lime/apple flavours. Rating 90/100.

Vintage 2005. 1 July 2006, Australian Gourmet Traveller Wine

A new Henschke label, from the fruit of selected grape growers. Appealing lime-leaf, lemon-juice aromas; clean and vibrant. It's tangy, powerful and rich, with penetration and length. A very impressive debut…